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Jansen acquires Belo Electrics

Rising demand for cleanrooms from life sciences, chemistry, biotech and petrochemical sectors

ZONHOVEN, 14 November 2019 – Jansen Cleanrooms, a division of Jansen the Building Company, acquires Belo Electrics in Oudsbergen. Belo Electrics has long been a dedicated project partner for the automation of HVAC installations and cabling in cleanroom projects. The acquisition fits in with the growing market demand (particularly in the life sciences, chemicals, biotech, and petrochemical sectors) for technical knowledge about cleanrooms. “Customers are looking for certainty and faster delivery. That’s why they choose a construction partner who follows the entire process, from design to execution,” explains Eric Vanhees (COO Jansen Cleanrooms), explaining the growth.

Jansen Cleanrooms strives for healthy growth by responding to market developments. Eric Vanhees (COO Jansen Cleanrooms): “Back in 2012, we launched ‘Techniques’ as an additional core competence within Jansen Cleanrooms. By focusing more and more on ‘comprehensive projects’, the demand for high-tech cleanroom projects has grown exponentially in recent years. In order to strengthen our position in the growing market for ‘Design & Build’ projects, we acquired Belo Electrics in Oudsbergen. Because we have been working together for years, we know what’s what when it comes to the automation of HVAC installations in cleanroom projects. As a result of the acquisition, Jansen Cleanrooms gains the highly skilled technical profiles needed to stay at cruising speed.”

Stricter requirements drive demand for cleanrooms

The requirements for finished products in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, cosmetics, and food are becoming increasingly stricter. That is why the need for technical knowledge from life sciences, chemistry, biotech, and petrochemistry is enormous. This leads to more and more assignments for Jansen Cleanrooms. Eric Vanhees (COO Jansen Cleanrooms): “Production techniques are becoming more complex and ‘cleaner’. Jansen Cleanrooms responds to this by working with customers to study how to better control their production processes. At the same time, we are constantly improving our own technical concepts in order to stay ahead of the stricter requirements for finishing and air cleanliness.”

Pure certainty

Customers are looking for certainty and faster cleanroom delivery by choosing a construction partner who follows the entire process, from design to execution. Eric Vanhees (COO Jansen Cleanrooms): “Jansen Cleanrooms always begins with several thorough technical meetings with the user and the cleanroom manager. Based on this, we make a complete design that meets the expectations and imposed specifications.”

About Jansen the Building Company

Jansen is a general contractor of the highest category, specialised in interior finishing and techniques. This construction group is rooted in 45 years of family tradition with 350 professionals all active in four fields: contracting, product development, real estate development, and facility management. Jansen the Building Company, headquartered in Zonhoven, has successfully carried out projects worth over 100 million euros annually in various sectors: office, retail, residential, and niche sectors (pharma, cleanrooms, leisure, and tunnels) since its establishment in 1973.

About Jansen Cleanrooms

This specialist company within Jansen develops cleanrooms for the healthcare sector and industry (biology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, logistics, microelectronics, food, packaging, etc.). Reference projects include AZ Sint Maarten, UZ Brussel, Sharp Packaging, Materialise, Thales Space, W-pharma, Solutia Europe, Qinetiq Space, Medace, Anicells, VWR, etc.

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