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eTheRNA opens a new lab for the development of cancer immunotherapies a realisation by CSB, a Group Jansen division

NIEL – Philippe Muyters, Flemish minister of Economy and Innovation, and Tom De Vries, mayor of Niel, officially opened eTheRNA immunotherapies’ new mRNA production laboratory in Niel. In this lab, eTheRNA can make its own products for the research in innovating immunotherapies. This state-of-the-art laboratory is a realisation of our CBS division, Cleanroom Systems Belgium.

The 400m² mRNA production laboratory represents an investment of about 5 million euros.

Etherna cleanroom class B Area

Dr. Russell G. Greig, president of eTheRNA immunotherapies: “With this state-of-the-art mRNA laboratory, eTheRNA enters a select international circle. There only are a handful of laboratories in this world that are capable of producing mRNA according to cGMP standards.”


Flemish minister Philippe Muyters: “This is another acknowledgement of the important role Flanders plays in the research in and development of innovating therapies. Innovation is in our DNA. That has already been proven by the success of several other businesses in the field of biotechnology and related sectors that are established in Flanders. From Flanders, we can contribute significantly to the development of new immunotherapies against diseases such as cancer.”

Tom De Vries, mayor of Niel: “Although eTheRNA immunotherapies has an international calling, it is not a coincidence that this company carries out her development activities from Niel. Our location between Antwerp and Brussels and the excellent international connections make it possible for our businesses to attract highly qualified and talented personnel.

State-of-the-art Cleanroom

This cleanroom with different class A (LAF cabinets), B and C areas (cleanliness classification) complies with very stringent requirements. As already mentioned, only a handful of them exist who are able to produce mRNA according to these standards. GMP stands for ‘Good manufacturing Practice’ and this means, for example, that the waste and the finished product can be passed on to the next area in separated pass-boxes, that there are LAF cabinets with sterile air where the products can effectively be developed by the lab technicians. 

Our CSB division, Cleanroom Systems Belgium, finished this project in the autumn of 2017. It was a ‘design & build project’. Project manager, Koen Coekelbergs, gives some explanations: “We have followed up on this project from the technical design up to the technics, the architecture and the validation. We designed all technics in BIM, a single digital system. This system automatically calculates, at every change, the effects this has on other technics. That way, we can decrease the margin of error on the building site to a minimum. Also, the finishing of a cleanroom is quite complex: The choice of a certain type of partition, ceiling, floor or door directly influences the dust emissions, temperature, humidity, … in a room.

Technics 3D-View

“It was pleasant to collaborate with eTheRNA and it is a great satisfaction to be able to work on such an innovating project that may very well save lives in the future,” says Koen.

Etherna cleanroom class C Area

Etherna cleanroom class B Area

Etherna cleanroom D/C sluice Area

Etherna cleanroom classe D Area